STEP 1: How A Stuttering Minor Produced Powerful Results
These important philosophies that I’ve learned over the years have not only helped me to overcome my stutter… but have allowed me to gain powerful results for my overall future. And I want you to know that overcoming this obstacle is possible no matter where you are in life. To further note, I understand that speaking to a large audience, addressing someone, knocking door-to-door or even cold pitching is petrifying. But it’s possible… and you can still do it. No matter how challenging it gets, you have to keep breaking the barrier and push through the pain. 

In fact, I discuss different techniques and strategies to guide my students to push through any uncomfortable positions that they face on a day-by-day basis. Which enables them to grow to their fullest potential. In fact, I’ll discuss more about this soon.
I remember it like it was yesterday… I was sitting in my 7th grade classroom. And I was craving water because of how thirsty I was. So when I raised my hand, I asked the teacher if I could get some “w-w-w-water…” and the whole class made fun of me for the year. Everytime I would go to the cafeteria, I would hear my classmates say “ Hey, it’s d-d-d-daniel.” But nobody knew that my stutter developed through my genetics. Both my uncles, and my grandfather had a stutter which eventually evolved to me. But as time continued, my stuttering grew as well. It was to the point where I would call my mother crying in my college dorm room asking her “why did this stutter have to happen to me.” I asked her this because nobody in college would interact with me. I was known as that “introverted- antisocial” kid that nobody wanted to talk to. Which completely demolished my confidence level. So I wanted help to overcome this obstacle so I began working with speech therapists. When I first sat down with my speech therapist, she asked me a variety of questions about my stutter. In addition, she discusses that I would gain massive growth within my speech. But as weeks flew by, I was stuck in the same exact speech position as I first started. So I had to cut ties with my speech therapist because I wasn’t gaining any improvement. But one day, my only friend in college invited me to go to a public speaking seminar. At first, I was terrified to go because I despised being around a group of people that I wasn’t familiar with. Because I would always feel a sensation of judgement... so I declined his offer to attend the seminar. But he forced me to go to his seminar, so I went forth with it. Once we got to the seminar, there were tons of thousands of people waiting for this speaker to come on stage. After getting comfortable in my chair, he finally performed his speech. As he was speaking, I felt a vibrant connection with this speaker because he discussed that he grew up with a stutter also. Once he finished this powerful speech, I was hesitant to ask him a question. I was going back-and-forth in my head but I took the risk and went through with it. As I approached him, I shook his hand and said, “ Hi, my name is d-d-d-daniel, and I’ve grown up with a stutter my whole life. And I want your advice on how to overcome this. Is there any possible way that you can help me?” Once I asked him this question, I was expecting him to be furious with my question and decline my question but he went through with it. As a result, he provided me with techniques and strategies on how to public speak. In fact, he issued my first public speaking event. This was the most horrifying experience because I believed everybody in the audience would judge me for stuttering. So I told my coach that I couldn’t do this and almost backed out. But he gave me helpful tips on what to do and think while on stage. Which gave me the courage to pursue this speech in front of thousands in the audience. It actually went OK, I stuttered here and there but my confidence level skyrocketed because I delivered my speech. I remember the adrenaline kicking in and the excessive sweat dripping down my forehead BUT I still pushed through it. In the end, I realized that pushing through the situations that cause you the most fear, will grow you the most… which is one of the philosophies I’ve learned.

The next journey of my life consists of me entering my first sales job. Each day I would go door-to-door and speak to a massive amount of people each and every day on selling the company’s product. Fear would strike my heart each time I knocked on those doors. In addition, there wasn’t any guarantee that I would get paid. But all this fear vanished when I got trained by a sales coach and I took massive action from his teachings which resulted in me gaining massive results. Taking consistent action was the key philosophy for my overall success in my sales job… and overall life. To end this off, I am going to leave you with these two powerful quotes…

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
-Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Take action! An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of action.
– Steve Maraboli

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Today I want to write about some key principles that have not only helped me overcome my stutter…but also help me get really great results in my life. First off, I know that overcoming anything, whether it be confronting someone you love, making a cold call or speaking in front of a large audience can be totally terrifying. Despite this discomfort, pushing through the pain it is actually going to help...

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