STEP 1: How to Get Great Results in Life
Today I want to write about some key principles that have not only helped me overcome my stutter…but also help me get really great results in my life. First off, I know that overcoming anything, whether it be confronting someone you love, making a cold call or speaking in front of a large audience can be totally terrifying. Despite this discomfort, pushing through the pain it is actually going to help.
Coincidentally some of the tasks or “homework” that I give to my students requires them to do push through something uncomfortable. I can talk more on that later. 
I can remember when I was younger and my first coach instructed me to speak in front of an audience. I was absolutely petrified. Although my coach used to have a really bad stutter, had given me some helpful tips to work on mine and also given great speeches in front of me, I was still scared to take this massive step forward. At the time I thought that everyone cared so much about what I had to say and would judge me based on how many times I would stutter and stammer. It wasn’t until I mustered up the courage to get in front of the crowd and give my speech that I learned that all these ideas in my head were just not true. My first speech actually went OK and I gained so much confidence after delivering it. I can remember feeling a surge of adrenaline and bulldog confidence come to me after I finished my last word. The more I realized that going towards things that scared me would help me…the better and more exciting my life got.
This reminds me of a story I read in a book called “Take the stairs.” Highly recommend it. There is a snippet in there that talks about how during a severe thunderstorm, bulls will literally rush head on into the storm. Cows on the other hand will run the other direction away from the storm. The difference? The bulls dive right into what they “fear” and actually end up being exposed to less of the storm because they are running through it. The cows prolong their pain and time in the storm because they are running through it.
The next chapter of my life began when I first entered into a sales job. It was commission only Door-To-Door sales. Talk about a double-whammy of fear everyday. No promise of pay and 100% guarantee of getting rejected 70+ times for me. Was I scared? Absolutely, but after training, getting coached and taking massive action my results showed. Not only was I making more then my friends in college, but I was being promoted and my confidence was going through the roof. All rom running head on into the things that scared me.
There are endless examples of instances like this in my life and I’m sure you can relate as well. On my last note here I want to leave you with a quote and a question…
 “Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.” -George Addair
What actions are you going to take this week to push through fear?

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Everyone knows that living with a stutter isn’t easy. Getting embarrassed in front of friends….new friends plus coworkers and classmates is not fun. Especially because a stutter is something so wildly misunderstood. Most people don’t understand or take the time to understand the problem. Lots of people make it seem like an inconvenience or even like gaining extra weight...

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